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Tesla & EV charging

Tesla & EV charging

Beethoven Villas offers free EV charging to guests. We have two NEMA 14-50 outlets for Level 2 charging that are within range of all four of our parking spots.

We also have Tesla chargers so Tesla owners can just reserve a charger before they arrive and plug in once you get here.

Owners of any other electric vehicles can also reserve a NEMA 14-50 charger, but you’ll have to bring your own cable and adapter.

Unfortunately we can only allow EV charging for overnight guests who have booked with us.

Local EV charging alternative: Visitors to Fredericksburg who are NOT staying at Beethoven Villas will find a public charger at:

206 W. Austin Street

This is only a few blocks from us in downtown. They have two chargers with standard plugs that you can pay for with a credit card.

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